Not afraid of pushing the boundaries when it comes to style and creativity

Hudson’s is a bespoke barbershop shop covering modern and classic cuts for all ages including Afro hair. This family-run business started up in early 2019 and continues to work hard on delivering a professional standard cutting and styling service.
Our current work for Hudson’s includes a complete branding service, including a super clean logo that represents and defines the style of the shop and his clientele. We have also completed two shop video’s and two photoshoots so far.

Hudsons logo square


Taking things to the next level

Our main aim was to raise the profile of the shop on social media. Our strategy was to start by making a super slick video and to complete a number of photoshoots, the custom logo intro was all made in house, this means from start to finish we have every marketing need covered.

We wanted to show off the shop and both Ashley the owner and Nicole his apprentice doing what they do best.

The video above eventually gained over 2,100 views on Facebook and Instagram with no paid promotion. This highlights the potential advertising power of a well designed video and photo campaign.

You can see some of our work over at hudson’s Barbershop Instagram page.

You can see more of our work over at the showcase.