Targeting Socials

Game Sold Separately is a game distributor breaking the mould.

When the owners of GameSoldSeparately got in touch about working with them to design a Black Friday advertising campaign we were delighted. The owner Gavin is really breaking huge ground with the business and the company really are on the up.

Gavin the owner is extremely driven and is already hugely successful so for us to be involved in the process it really was exciting.

We decided early on in the process to complete both a video and static image campaign for all his socials. The company had a number of special offers that designed purely for the event and it was important to highlight these.

Work List

In total, we completed :

  • 1 x video for both Facebook and Instagram
  • Banners for each social media platform
  • 10 x individual adverts for both platforms

We were given around 5 days to complete all the artwork and video and were really happy with the results.

For more information please feel free to check out the Showcase alternatively please head over to our social media pages and give send us a message, we would love to hear from you.