Flying High was set up by enthusiasts to service the needs of enthusiasts.

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The owners of recognised the need to label your drones by law after November 5th 2019 (you can find out more about that on the CCA website which can be found here ).

They noticed the distinct lack of UK businesses offering tried and tested labels for drones that they were happy to place on their own drones. Hence the idea for was born.

The owners contacted Western Bay Creative to design and create a successful e-commerce solution and more importantly make them highly visible on both chrome and bing search engines with no spend on ad words or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

After the initial business investigation, we took the challenge on head-on and started the design process. It was important for us to provide a really great user experience for customers and the owners in the form of a Customer Management System (CMS) so they could manage sales and the site easily and quickly from anywhere in the world.

The culmination of the web application resulted in a stunning design, a great user experience and a content management system for the owners to manage orders and products.

Touching on the need for little ad spend, the site now sits top of both google and bing search engines for anyone looking for drone labels in the UK which is a massive achievement for both us and drone More importantly, the site currently has a 17.5% visitor to order conversion rate. This has delighted the owners and has led to an additional product photography session provided by us that is also featured on the site and social media platforms.

It was important for the owners of that the site be just as good on a mobile device as it was on a desktop. With that in mind, we designed for mobile users first then desktop after, effectively designing 2 interfaces. web mock up Tablet
Drone Labels mock up laptop
Drone Labels mock up phone

We have since done a product photography session for and helped to manage their social media platform by bringing everything up to brand.

drone labels ebay listing artwork

From the owners of

Mike was a breath of fresh air to us with his attitude, before we had even agreed to work with him he gave us all the info and data analysis from competitors and potential rivals, some of the information was highly detailed and quite frankly impressive bearing in mind at this point we had not agreed anything with him.

At this point, we had been in contact with several companies, none of which offered the attention to detail and effort that Mike had. We chatted to Mike about advertising and the website, he told us that after looking at the market he said he was quite confident he could get us near the top of the rankings for most websites with little to no ad spend since we were quite a niche product, true to his word, 4 months later we are either top or near top most search engines. He even took the time to help us with our social media page, he added all the artwork and videos and left us a guide of when and what to post.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Mike is worth every penny, no questions asked.