The heart of nature

Adventure is waiting for you here

Bryn Bettws Lodge and Log Cabins are based at Gyfylchi in the Afan Forest located in the South Wales Valleys. They have become the first choice for Mountain Biking short breaks, Educational School and romantic adventures. This is not surprising when you consider our destination in the world-renowned Mountain Biking haven and paradise in the Afan Valley.

Working with Jenna from Bryn Bettws has been a pleasure, she is really focussed on taking her amazing business and showing it to the world and is very receptive to new ideas.

As always we started by analysing the existing site to see if it could be improved. Her existing site is a static website just offering information so it was decided early on that Jenna and Bryn Bettws needed a web application where customers could book and manage their bookings online much like many modern hotel and adventure websites.

We completed a full photoshoot and video of the site and then designed for a mobile-first experience of the website.

From top to bottom, the site features the latest design, security and user interface for both customers and staff to manage and navigate the site.

Please click the link below to visit the site:

We created a custom video for both social media and the website with the aim of showing off the activities the area was well known for. The main aim of the project was consistency, we wanted every social media platform to have the same logos and artwork throughout to start building Bryn Bettws brand. With that in mind, we created a brand new logo and got Jenna to start updating her social media platforms this included a few product photos that we managed to snap whilst we met with Jenna on the initial client meeting.