Plan, Plan, Plan

Be Awesome Fitness is a company that was established in 2013 for one purpose alone. To help as many people as possible to lose weight, get fit and achieve their goals.

When we first met “Rob” the owner of Be Awesome Fitness we could see there was a well-defined plan to take the gym that was already successful by word of mouth alone and take it to the next level.

Rob had built his own website to service his current member’s needs but wanted to elevate himself and the company into the online sphere. He had little to no experience in branding but was full of really creative ideas.

Like most business owners we meet, we try to take the time to get to know each business thoroughly we then identify the needs of each business and then plan, plan, plan. Only then do we move onto the design and implementation stage to put our plans into action to successfully meet the needs and long term goals of each business.

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Spinning the web

Taking things to the next level

We started by analysing the Be Awesome Fitness existing websites and social media platforms. We worked with Rob to identify weaknesses in his current design and stated to implement our plan in stages. The first step was to completely overhaul the website. What Rob needed was an application, not a website. We added a booking system, shop, membership registration and access to the online fitness and diet hub.

The design of the app is modern and clean, Rob already had a logo he was happy with so we incorporated the logo colours into the site, we also wanted the application to easy to navigate but most importantly full of content that was taken in the gym itself rather than using stock photos throughout.

Responsive, we wanted the site to ultra-responsive including the booking system, shop and app functionality. With that in mind, we have designed the site for mobile users first (it still looks stunning on desktop as well we think).


Going social

Our plan from the start was to raise the profile of the gym on social media and we decided to use all the mediums possible. this included Instagram stories, Facebook campaigns, high-quality product photos and videos for Rob to use on all his social media platforms.

We have completed a number of Instagram Stories in the correct sizes to maximise real estate on a phone screen as can be seen on the official Instagram or Facebook pages.

We have also completed a full photoshoot for the owner and the gym and custom recipe cards for his online fitness hub that is currently in production.

From the owner of Be Awesome Fitness:

I’ve been working with Michael for around 4 months now. He’s built me a website, Landing pages, ad pictures, and videos.

The level of quality of the guy is unbelievable, he’s already taught me so much.

What I liked about mike the most was, he got to know my business, he got to know almost every aspect before doing anything. Once he knew exactly what I wanted he built me the most incredible website I’ve ever seen.

Since building the website he’s done so many other things. He’s made my videos, pictures, booking pages, and landing pages. Most have been done for me on the fly as my business required.

He is very approachable, he will help you whenever you need it, and I honestly can not recommend him enough to anyone looking to help their brand.

He’s the Best!