We love to see people use our designs

When Western Bay Creative was conceived, we knew we could offer people high-quality content without breaking the bank.

And we are really, really good… Just ask our parents!

We started because we knew we could do better than some of the current offerings that we were seeing produced daily for businesses and individuals that deserved better.

First and foremost we believe in offering value, without cutting corners on quality, and we hit our goals daily. We offer our services to start-ups, existing businesses and people who just want a good design experience or want their story to be seen across the world.

Our creative portfolio ranges from Web Design & Development, E-commerce, Videography, Photography, Branding and Graphic Design. No customer is too big or small and as a result, we have a growing client base because the quality never slips.

If you have an idea for a business we can help, our existing customers have already seen the results we get. If you are an existing brand who wants to take things to the next level, we have you covered.

If you are getting married or engaged, we can tell your story to the whole world and create something truly magical for you.

We would love to hear from you!

The Design Process

We stick to the same successful steps for every customer because we know they work.


  • Find out exactly what the client needs
  • Understand the business
  • Brand identity
  • Creative concepting
  • Visual & interactive design


  • Client list
  • Proof of concept
  • Ensure all products are on brand
  • Create high quality proofs
  • Complete finished designs


  • Customer sign-off
  • Go live
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analyse data
  • Amend design if needed


  • Advanced Web Development
  • UX & UI Design
  • Systems & Data Analysis
  • Videography
  • Visual Effects
  • Photography
  • Content Creation & Management


  • Food & Beverages
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Fitness & Health
  • Education
  • Hospitality and Hotels
  • Tourism
  • Digital Marketing


We live for design and creativity, We love seeing people using our web designs, applications, photographs, videos and content.
Nothing motivates us more than watching the businesses and more importantly the people we work with succeed.

We’d love to hear from you.
Let’s talk about it!

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